New 2012 iPad New Features & Specification (Not iPad 3)

Finally, the new version of iPad has officially been launched although the status is still pre-order. It is notiPad 3, but it still uses iPad as its name. There are some new things in this new 2012 iPad, but most new and quite revolutionary:
Retina Display
With the same size (9.7 inch), the existing technology of Retina Display (used only in the iPhone) can result resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels. The amount of the existing resolution will make the images appear larger in size remains the same though and better text display.
Dual Core A5X Processor with Quad Core Graphics
Its time for Quad Core, but unfortunately on this new iPad, it still uses a Dual Core processor while the graphic uses Quad Core technology. Apple claimed that watching movies or playing games will look more refined.
ISight Camera
ISight Camera feature brings a few new things in the lens as advanced hybrid IR filter which in theory would block the IR beam, so it can produce more accurate colors. The bigger aperture at f/2.4 lens will make the picture brighter, especially when in low light condition. This feature makes the iPad could take 5 MP photos and record video in Full HD format.
Ultrafast 4G LTE
In addition to Quad Core technology for the graphic, iPad also uses LTE technology, so we can enjoy fast internet connection. Especially for 4G LTE, this is an optional which means if you do not need it, we can buy a version of Wi-Fi only.
Capacity of Battery
Here is quite interesting, with the increasing use of the processor and display restina that should be draining the battery, but this new 2012 iPad battery life remains the same as the iPad 2 which is about 10 hours.
- Size and Weight
The new iPad is slightly thicker than the iPad 2 (9.4: 8.8 mm) and slightly heavier (652: 601 g), size and weight that we put on the comparison is the model with Wi-Fi.
How much the price of this new iPad? This is the most interesting thing in our opinion, with the Quad Core plus Retina Display technology, this new iPad price has almost same as the basic version of the iPad 2: $ 499 (16 GB/ Wi-Fi only) and the most expensive: $ 829 (64 GB/ Wi-Fi + 4G LTE).
New 2012 iPad specification:

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